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ELF Hair Studio - Florence Berry Photography-070_edited.jpg

Something I have always wanted was my own space. To be able to create a special place that was practical, comfortable for me to be me and kind to people and the planet. So in 2020, I took the leap, after hairdressing for what feels like donkey’s years I decided it was about time.

E.L.F Hair studio was born!! A salon that makes you feel at home, allows you to unwind and enjoy a well-earned time out.

The key for me was to create an environment that is relaxing, where you can just be yourself and be free. With a zero judgment policy, I created a place to be your true self and proudly cater to the needs of people coping with anxiety and other invisible disabilities. Offering everyone the highest quality of care. I truly believe beauty doesn’t need to be at the cost of people or the planet.

We offer free WiFI, a wide selection of ever-changing drinks hot and cold, and of course the complimentary biscuits too!

37 - ELF Hair Studio Branding shoot July 2023 - Florence Berry Photography v2.jpg


Sustainability is something close to my heart, I recycle all my foils and use hair to help my plants, so E.L.F has a very low waste output with a target to be a zero-waste salon.

Alongside this, using brands such as Eleven Australia who are cruelty-free, Vegan friendly, Paraben free and gluten free. Every brand I use or anything I buy I always check their ethical standards and how they give back to the planet, by planting trees or supporting charities.

We also use Oway who are biodynamic and grow all ingredient by the lunar cycle. The healthiest and cleanest way without using chemicals. They are 98% plastic free using amber glass bottles and aluminium tubes the first to completely move over. They are carbon neutral cruelty free, organic, fair trade and so much more.

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